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Where we work

We work in churchyards and cemeteries across Somerset, including:

    All churchyards and cemeteries within the Bath and Wells Diocese

    Milton Road Cemetery

    Ebdon Road Cemetery (Here we have the responsibility of laying the foundation bases and garden ends on the baby section)

    Cheddar Cemetery

    Wells Cemetery

    Draycott and Rodney Stoke

    Yeovil Cemetery

    Haycombe Cemetery - Bath

    Ilex lane Cemetery - Winscombe


Interview with Tony Adams of Adams Memorials

How did you become a Monumental Mason?

I attended Churchill School, and left in August 1954, and started an apprenticeship with H. R.Hellier’s in Weston super Mare. I took to the work immediately and thoroughly enjoyed it. Having had no idea what I wanted to do before I left school, I found a trade that I have been passionate in for the last 60 years. In 1969 I was given the opportunity to buy H.J.Norton & Sons of Alfred Street, Weston-Super-Mare, which I did and we still own today, and now the business has transferred to Cheddar.

What are you most proud of in your business?

Having started out on my own as a self-employed, I have been lucky and able to support my family from when they were young and now have been able to pass the skills I have learnt to my youngest son Martin and eldest grandson Philip, and the person that binds us all together is my eldest daughter Helen who now runs the business and deals with everything.

What is the secret to your success?

Hard work and dedication, being available 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week. Being honest and friendly with people. Keeping to the rules of all churchyard and cemeteries, which then keeps the customers happy. Being friendly and positive, and giving the customer what they want.  We are able to go anywhere to fit memorials, distance is no object, as we are small enough to care and large enough to cope.

What makes you angry within your trade?

People who think they are Monumental Masons and have no idea about the ways of setting out inscriptions, matching lettering, and completing renovations of older style graves.

Where did you fit your first memorial, and can you remember when?

The first cemetery I worked in was Milton Road Cemetery in Weston-super-Mare, back in the 1950’s . I was working for Mr Hellier at the time and I was helping to fit a headstone and kerb set with a concrete floor laid and chipping on.

What would your advice be to anyone choosing a memorial for a loved one?

I find out where the memorial is to go first, that way I can show the customer what is allowed for that particular site. We carry a large range of memorials here at our Cheddar premises, so people can see exactly what is permitted within the chosen criteria’s. I do have catalogues here from our suppliers but I find that people like to see what they’re having first and that way they don’t necessary have to wait a long time for the memorial to be completed. All Churchyards and Cemeteries ask us to wait a minimum of 6 months before fitting a memorial, although for an internment of cremated remains we can place a tablet on immediately.  We carry a large range of tablets to suit all sites in our surrounding area. We are able to complete a tablet within the week for families who want to complete at the time of internment.

What services do you offer to your trade and the general public?

We are able to reface memorials to other masons as well as our own customers. This service is provided by Philip who is our polisher. All our work is completed in house none of our work is put out to a third party. We are also able to supple House plaques and Pet memorials.

Who works with you and what are their roles?

My daughter Helen is your first point of contact when telephoning with an enquiry or to make an appointment. She looks after all our customers and arranges all the work that needs to be completed. Helen also comes out with me when we have to remove tablets as she is able to lift them and also drives me about to price work and visit customers. She does all the paperwork for applications and keeps everyone together as much as possible. Then Martin and Philip do the vast majority of the manual work, Martin designs the layouts for memorials and goes out fixing memorials with Philip. Philip does all our polishing of memorials and prepares all our bases and foundation places. Without them all working together we could not get the work done that we do.

How long does it take to complete a memorial from ordering to completion?

If the customer chooses one of our stock memorials then we are able to get these out within 3-6 weeks depending on how long it takes for the authorisation to be returned from a Vicar, Clerk of Council or Cemetery Managers. If a memorial is chosen from one of our catalogues then delivery will be 12 – 20 weeks depending on choice. We are also able to do bespoke memorials from customers own designs, again these take a little longer but all the work is done in house, we do not sub contract any of our work.